Summer Vacation

Yay! It is summer!  This is the first summer I am taking completely off since embarking on my teaching career over ten years ago.  Every year I worked to supplement my income, furthered my education and/or prepared for the next school year during the summer.  I am not complaining, I did take vacations during the summer with my family.  I just never took the summer off like some of my colleagues.  A great number of my colleagues do like I did and work to supplement their income during the summer.  This summer, though, is different.  Even though I am still having some difficulty turning it completely off, hence this blog, I am going without an agenda.  I am travelling, exploring places I have not been to before, meeting interesting people and experiencing life as I go.  I know this doesn’t sound like a destination vacation, but I am in Iowa.  I have already enjoyed local cuisine and visited some of the nearby sites, including Maquoketa Caves.  Who knew there were caves in the middle of cornfields?  Later this summer I am heading to the northeast for a family event and I will get to visit New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  I can’t wait.  I would love to hear from fellow educators who are enjoying their summer.  Where are you going?  What are you doing?